As you consider to travel alone, you need to make sure that you got the right place to stay in. You also need to consider some places that are not too far from your area so you can save time and spent it instead on enjoying your quite time alone. For instance, if you live within Medford then you can visit Quarter’s Cottage. As you do this, you will surely have more focus on things you wanted. At least at this point in your life you never have to worry about other people but focus mainly on yourself.

You also need to explore amenities like those in Quarters Cottage. You can enjoy this even if you are just alone. On the other hand, this can also be a good chance for you to meet some new people. You can even interact with locals so they can help you be familiar with the place you visited.


As you consider going solo in your travel, you will learn a lot of things not only about other people but more importantly about yourself. You will learn that there are things that you can really do alone. You will also learn that you just needed some time alone in order for you to reconnect with other people again.