After long hours at works, it pays to have some time to relax. Now, if you are tired of going to the mall then you might as well as consider going to a theater show and see live performances. The best thing about theater shows like Randall Theater is that they showcase talents that are world-class. They also appear to the audience because they perform live with no camera tricks just pure talent. You will surely be amazed and will feel relax.

Watching theater shows like Randall Theater can also be a good way to diversify your thought from all of the worldly cares. Indeed, you can at least just focus on the show and not think about anything even for just this period of time. You can just sit back and be entertained by the show. You can also bring along some friends with you so you can have someone to discuss the show.

You can even bring along your family with you. Making this as a family activity where you can dine after and just enjoy some time together. This can also be an eye-opener for your kids on the kind of entertainment they need to prefer as they grow older. This will surely something that they will look forward to watching even when they are not with you anymore.