Rodeos Pizza has been in town for a while but although it just started in 2014, it has been serving people with its delicious and tasty pizzas. It's a locally owned and operated which means that it's an original Klamath Falls restaurant.

Rodeos Pizza takes pride in its made-from-scratch doughs which are then cold-proofed for two days so that it would have that nice flavor and texture to it. Not to mention, their red sauce is made from scratch as well by cooking down whole-peeled tomatoes with spices and herbs.

Don't count out their cheese as well because theirs is made from whole-milk mozzarella that's grated fresh on their pizzas daily. They don't have those pre-shredded cheeses that have anti-caking additives which are the ones that you usually find on lots of pizzerias and restaurants.

But one thing that customers need to take note of is that freshly-baked pizza takes time to prepare. Rodeo's requires a minimum of 20 minutes so you'll be able to have the best dining experience here in Klamath Falls.

Build Your Own In Rodeos Pizza

Here at Rodeos Pizza, you can be creative and build your very own pizza. With more than 20 toppings to choose from which are composed of herbs, meat, cheese, and spices, you'll surely be satisfied the moment you finish that plate.

If you want to check this place out, come and visit it at 1215 Main St. Klamath Falls. If you're a bit lazy, don't worry, Rodeos Pizza will bring your freshly-baked pizza to your doorstep. Just call 541-205-3464 to make reservations.