There is no better investment than some quality time with your family. As a matter of fact, the time you spent with them is never a wasted time. Now, if you are looking for a new fun way to bond with them then you can try Rogue Air Trampoline Park. It is in 519 Medford Ctr. Medford, OR 97504. Opens Monday-Thursday from 3 pm-8 pm, Friday 2 pm-9 pm, Saturday 11 am-9 pm and Sunday 12 pm-8 pm. If you are with your younger kids, then you need to make sure that you are there to supervise them. This is something that your kids will surely love. You may also try it for you to have a glimpse of what your kids enjoy.  

As you try this new activity your family bonding will surely be strengthened. Rogue Air Trampoline Park may not be a fancy activity, in fact, it may even require just a small sum of money but surely you will have the best time as a family. With new activities such as this, you can make everybody in the family feel closer emotionally to each other.



What you must remember as you do this kind of activity is that its core should be more deeply related to family’s ability to bond even with less extravagant activity.  This may also be a good start and you can make this as a regular activity.