Visit bears on Grants Pass real estate.Come tour a very special Grants Pass real estate location. Evergreen Bank’s Bear Hotel is a delightful art museum. The hotel takes its name from BearFest, one of the most popular community art projects in the city. More than 180 fiberglass bears were created by 85 local artists. Half of the bears were auctioned, raising $250,000 for community groups. When the rest aren’t out in the summer, decorating the sidewalks on downtown Grants Pass real estate, they’re hibernating at the Bear Hotel.

See “The Southern Oregon Adventure” Exhibit Near Your Grants Pass Home

Grants Pass home owners are invited to take a tour of the Bear Hotel. The latest exhibit is called “The Southern Oregon Adventure”. Take a trip through this beautiful part of the state, all in one spot. Start with a lovely view of Crater Lake, then follow the paths to redwood forests and canyons of waterfalls. Artist-created animals wait for guests all along the route. Cross a covered bridge that opens out to the gentle hills and vineyards of Southern Oregon. Wind up your journey on the Oregon coast.

Tours of the Bear Hotel are free, though reservations are required. Call Evergreen Federal Bank at 541-479-3351 and ask to schedule a tour. Located just off Highway 5 at 2101 Spalding Avenue, it’s easy to find. Read more about the Bear Hotel and upcoming exhibits.