How do you start out your day? Do you exercise, go back to sleep or watch TV? If you want to do it right, how about visiting The Teapot On Wheels here at Gold Hill, Oregon. It's a cheerful place where you can have some delicious food and of course, a lovely cup of tea.     

What's special about The Teapot On Wheels? Well, everything about it. The food, the tea, the silver, the linens, and the amazing environment. If you're a fan of tea time, then this place is definitely for you. There's just a different feeling that you get when you sit on a perfectly set up table with tea cups well-arranged on each corner.

About The Teapot On Wheels

So who are the brains behind this amazing restaurant? Guys, meet Denny and Jan!

Denny is a passionate chef. He has so much love for food and cooking. Every time he sees his guests satisfied, he's the happiest person on Earth.

Meanwhile, Jan is the perfect definition of a tea lover, nothing more, nothing less. She just loves everything about tea from the preparation, the cups, the tables to the tea itself.

If you want to visit the restaurant, how about stopping by from Tuesdays to Saturdays at 9 AM - 3 PM. It's also the same schedule for the Tea House but the only difference is that it opens at 10 AM.

Don't miss out on this place! They also cater events and even host them. Come and make your reservations by calling them at +1 541-855-4343.