If you are among those who are eager to purchase a home but still not qualified to loan in a bank, then there are smart ways on how you can still purchase a home. The first thing that you need to do is to start leaving a frugal life. Purchase any item the smart way.

One good example of purchasing the smart way is to list down before you go to a store to purchase. It implies greatly on groceries, as you purchase groceries on a regular basis.  Another thing that you need to do is to avoid unnecessary debt. As much as possible pay your purchase using cash. If in a case is not enough then this is simply an indication that you should not purchase that item yet.


Secondly, earn extra by thinking of either a small business or you may also apply for a part-time job. You may also consider involving your family, so you can save more and fast. You can have a list of the money you have saved and then you can set a target date on when you want to purchase a home. As you set a goal you can keep your focus on it and you can work extra for it. You can have the sense of fulfillment as you accomplished this.