As you purchase a home, it is important that you make sure that your chosen home is near all the important place like a hospital or at least a clinic. It is indeed important that there is a nearby clinic who can do first aid during an accident. For instance, you can check Valley immediate Care if you are within the area of Medford. You can visit it personally or you can also check their website so you can be aware of the kind of service that they offer.

It is always a wise practice to check on the nearest clinic or hospital whenever you move place. Clinics like Valley Immediate Care can give you the confidence that you know where to go to in case there is some unavoidable accident. You also need to keep their emergency number so you can call them at any time of the day. You can put their number in your phone or in a memo note where you can easily see it. 

Aside from making sure that there is a nearby clinic in your place, it is also good that you know at least basic first aid. You can either enroll in a class if you have the time or you can ask those that are working in a clinic for some advice. As you learn to do first aid you can be sure that you can administer it to your family in times of trouble or you can just help other when circumstances allow. This is something that can surely save lives.