Fridays can be more exciting when you find a good place to spend it. You should find a good place to spend it because this can be a reward you can give yourself after a long and tiring week at the office. Now, if you are into having fun meeting new people and have some kind of feel-good Friday night then you can visit Onyx Restaurant at the Nunan Estate.

Onyx Restaurant at the Nunan Estate is open for dinner every Tuesday to Saturday from 4 pm to 9 pm. Right after dinner, you can have a good time because bar opens at the same time as well. You can invite your friends to be with you so they too can have a good time. You can enjoy some cozy dinner with your friends then you can party like crazy after. Nothing can indeed be better than that. This can be a good treat for yourself and you should feel good about it.


It is always good that you spend some time to just enjoy some wonderful food and delightful company. This can be something that will keep you afloat and will give you more reasons to work on the following week ahead of you. This can indeed give you energy and good vibes at the same time