If you want to experience the great outdoors here in Southern Oregon, Medford is definitely a must visit for you. With so many natural landscapes surrounding you, there are so many activities that you can do here. In fact, one amazing place that you need to check out is the Wilderness Trails that offer year-round excitement for the youth.

Wilderness Trails is famous for its outdoor activities where kids can learn life lessons as they explore nature. The young campers will be having various challenges that would help improve their mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects.

Camp Schedules And Amenities

The camp offers different schedules for different counties in Southern Oregon. For example, for the month of January 2018, there will be specific dates where the counties from Josephine, Jackson, Douglas, and Klamath will visit the camp. Take note that all of the summer and weekend camps are free!

You'll be surprised at how big the camp is and how many amenities it has. It's a 160-acre camp that lies near the Howard Prairie Lake and nestles at the base of the Cascade Mountains. There are also Teepee villages which include nine Teepees, a BBQ pit, a swimming hole with water slide, and horseshoe pits.

What are you waiting for? If you want to visit this beautiful place, make sure you contact 541-772-2892. Make sure you check the prices and availability first before you visit.