It is no secret that Medford homes boast the best kitchens in the whole Southern Oregon. Who doesn’t want a great kitchen? However, there are foods in the kitchen you cannot live without. Here is the list:


·         Egg


Having eggs in your kitchen is a major help. When you are in a stressful rushed

Morning, you can cook it quickly. And everybody knows that egg is the most “versatile” food. You can make it sunny side up, fried, or boiled. These eggs are needed for baking too!


·         Garlic


Garlic is one of the best seasonings as it allows your food to have more

flavour. Soups, sautés, and marinades are done with garlic.


·         Beans


As a great source of protein and fiber, beans give great health. Also, beans are needed when making salad. Once you store them, there’s no need to rush in making one. Plus, beans are inexpensive.


·         Honey


Sweetener? Yes, honey. All puns aside, honey lasts for years in the kitchen. When making a dish that needs to be sweetened, then there is the use of honey.


                Make your Medford homes have the best kitchen. Store these foods now and you will always be prepared for your chef moments.