Your New Year’s Resolution in your Southern Oregon Homes


            It’s 2019 and it is indeed the time to shake off some bad habits at home. Here is the list of resolutions you can make in this new year.


1.      Always Clean the House

It’s time to not be lazy anymore. Whenever you feel like there’s the need to clean up your home, then do so. Just because you don’t feel like it is not an excuse. Make this a new you in 2019. Clean your house because a clean house makes everyone feel good.


2.     Unleash the Creative You

The interiors in your home could be changed and be artistically presented. It’s your home so it’s your territory. Make your Southern Oregon home creative by committing to this resolution.


3.     Mend Broken Friendship with Neighbors

Because it’s a new year, it’s time to get rid of grudges. Home truly feels like home when you let forgiveness reign in your heart. Whatever misunderstandings you had in the past, you can fix it by approaching them or maybe simply greeting them a happy new year. Southern Oregon can be made sweeter with this.