There is no better weekend reward than actually strolling around a mall such as Zumiez  which is located at 1600 Riverside Ave; Ste 1033 Medford, OR 97501. The best thing about visiting this place is the fact that it has a lot of good things in store not just for you but also for your entire family. You can also make this as a reward for your kids if they are doing well in school. You may also just do this as a way to relax. You can just sit in a corner and just have some quiet time or you may also relax by walking around.

Zumiez also accepts noncash payment like visa master card and American Express. If you are a little uncertain then you may also call in advance in 541-857-2959. You can make queries regarding the kind of payment this accept. You may also check their exact location so you know how to find it fast. This is especially helpful if you are with your small kids. It can save your time and can save your effort at the same time.


As you stroll around malls you can surely find something that will delight you. You can shop and have the best time. You just have to at least save some money before going so you can indeed shop without worry.